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     Image Hosting System
    The Image Hosting System is an image hosting solution that can be easily installed on your web site. Adding it to your site gives your visitors the ability to upload images to your server for hosting. You can provide it as a free or paid service to your visitors/customers.
    An easy-to-use control panel lets you manage your system. Through the panel, you can view image bandwidth usage, image hits, and image referers. You can also remove images from your system that violate your terms (like nudity).
    The Image Hosting System offers the following:
    * add image uploading to your site quickly - setup in only minutes
    * included basic HTML layout provides everything you need (TOS, FAQ, etc.)
    * provides user with multiple links to their image (HTML, IMG, direct)
    * creates a thumbnail for every uploaded image (except BMP files)
    * user can enter their e-mail address and have links sent to them
    * free upgrades and bug fixes
    A simple configuration file allows you to control the following:
    * maximum upload file size
    * accepted file types (i. e.: JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF, etc.)
    * web site name (for basic HTML layout)
    * support address (for basic HTML layout)
    * directory to save uploaded images to
    * database access settings (MySQL only at this time)
    * size for automatically created thumbnails
    The administrative control panel rovides you with the following:
    * up-to-date information on your image hosting site
    * view image hits and bandwidth used for any day
    * list images currently hosted on your site
    * listing can be sorted by many option, including total bandwidth usage or number of hits
    * view and delete images from your system
    * add/remove IP addresses from the blocked list, to prevent block out regular abusers
    * view referer information on each image view


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