Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe

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    Switching to Money 2006 is easy. Microsoft Money is the effortless way to manage personal finances. You get all your account information in one place, plus Money makes it easy to manage credit, reduce debt, get organized for tax time and keep on top of your investments. Whether you are upgrading from a previous version of Money, switching from Quicken, or using Money for the first time, it is easy.

    Getting started is easy.
    If you currently use an earlier version of Money, upgrading is easy. Money 2006 will read your existing Money file so that you don’t need to start over.
    If you are new to Money, Money will automatically download all the information from your banks--all you need is the user name and password that you use for online banking. Click here to see if your banks are online.

    Fast, safe and automatic conversion for Quicken® users.
    Import your Quicken data: Getting your data into Money is effortless—Microsoft Money 2006 comes with a converter for your Quicken files. No need to start over. Before you know it, all of your accounts, transactions, and information from Quicken will appear in Money.

    Great new features in Money 2006
    Whether you are looking for a fast, simple overview of how your money is spent, or seeking powerful tools to help you manage every aspect of your finances, Money 2006 has new and improved features that put all of your accounts in one convenient location.


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