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Full Beast Tutorial

 by Itchy

A note:

This tutorial was written for Beast 2.07. If you're using an different version, some of the features I explain in this tutorial will not appear in your version.

Thank you and congratulations to tataye, for coding such a great RAT. Without Beast, this tutorial would not exist!

About the anchors on this page: I know it will confuse everyone if I don't explain it, so I will. Most of the large images are image maps, so you can click on different sections of the images to go to the corresponding part of the tutorial. All of the Blue Text and Green Text are anchors. I know the anchors are in weird places, but I wanted to make getting around the page a lot easier.

The Red Text is important, read it when you see it, it contains important information that you need to know.

This tutorial is separated into three sections:

Server Builder

Frequently Asked Questions


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This is what Beast should look like when you open it:

< id="client" name="client">

Title Bar: If you right-click on the title bar, you will get:

·  Rollup/Restore: "Rolls up" the window, you are left with only the title bar. Restore restores the window

·  Minimize: Minimizes all Beast windows to the taskbar

·  Minimize to Tray: Minimizes all Beast windows to the tray, and will appear as a small Beast head icon in the tray.

·  Close: Closes Beast 2.07 and all of its open windows - Renegadealien - Tüm Hakları Saklıdır

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